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  "Press Release on 18th Annual Meeting"

  ABOUT CRAB      
Name of Company: Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB)
  Address: Metropolitan Chamber Building, (6th Floor),
122-124 Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
  Telephone No.: (880 2) 9559311-12, (880 2) 9553387,
(880 2) 9553254 , 0171032807 (cell)
  Fax No.: (8802) 9568987
  E-mail address:
  Details of Corporate Structures:
No. Names, address & descriptions of subscribers Amount of Shares Amount in Taka Percentage of Share
1 Astras Ltd. Represented by its Chairman Mr. Samson H. Chowdhury 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
2 Mr. Syed Manzur Elahi Chairman, Apex Footwear Ltd. & Apex Tannery Ltd. 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
Investment Corporation of Bangladesh Represented by its Managing Director Mr. Md. Ziaul Haque Khondker
5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
4 Unicorn Equities Ltd.Represented by its Chairman Mr. Abu Zafar Humayun 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
Mr. Md. Matiul Islam, FCA Chairman Industrial and Infrastructure Development Finance Company Ltd.(Former Secretary of Finance, Bangladesh Government )
5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
6 Mr. M. Haider Chowdhury Chairman National Life Insurance Co. Limited 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
7 Mr. AKM Rafiqul Islam, FCA Managing Director Pragati Insurance Ltd. 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
Mr. Mir Mustafizur Rahman Chairman Fareast Finance & Investment Ltd.(Former Secretary of Finance, Bangladesh Government)
5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
Mr. ASM Quasem Chairman, New Age Group Vice President, International Chambers of Commerce
5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
10 Mr. M. Anis Ud Dowla Managing Director Advanced Chemical Industries Ltd. 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
Mr. M. Syeduzzaman Chairman Bank Asia Ltd. (Former Finance Minister, Bangladesh Government)
1000 0.1 Mil 1.64%
Industrial Development Leasing Company of Bangladesh Ltd. Represented by its Managing Director Anis A. Khan
5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
13 M. Faizur Rahman Chairman Asian Surveyors Ltd. 5000 0.5 Mil 8.20%
Total 61000 6.1 Mil 100%
Authorized Capital: BDT 20 Million
Paid In Capital: BDT 6.1 Million
  Branches, if any: None
Mr. M. Syeduzzaman
Former Finance Minister
Government of Bangladesh
Bank Asia Limited
  Vice Chairman:
Mr. Md. Matiul Islam, FCA
Former Secretary of Finance
Government of Bangladesh
  Managing Director:
Mr. Anwaruddin Chowdhury, FCA
Council Member, and Past President
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh
Officers of the Company:
  i. Mr. Hossen Soheed Sohrawardhi, MBA, Senior Financial Analyst
  ii. Mr. Enam Al Quddus, MBA, Senior Financial Analyst
  iii. Mr. Shuvankar Shill, MBA, Financial Analyst
  iv. Mr. Abu Sayeed, MBA, Financial Analyst
  v. Mr. Fazle Rabbi, Financial Analyst
  vi. Ms. Sabera Sultana, Financial Analyst
  vii. Mr. Shariful Islam, Financial Analyst
  viii. Mr. Enamul Haque, Junior Financial Analyst
  ix. Ms. Zannatul Nyma, Officer
  Staff of the Company: 5 Nos.
Services Offered:
  CRAB will provide rating and related services in the followings areas:
  Credit Rating Services
  Gradation Services
  Advisory Services
  Information Services
  Training Services
Credit Rating Services:
  Debt Instrument Rating (Debentures, Bonds and Preference Shares)
  Entity Rating of Individual Companies
  Equity Rating of Ordinary Shares
  Insurance Companies Rating (Claims Paying Ability)
  Loan Rating (Clientele Rating)
  Mutual Funds Schemes Rating
  Corporate Governance Rating
  Stake holder Value & Governance Rating
  Project Finance Rating
  Other Rating Services
Gradation Services:
  Real Estate Developers Grading
  Health Care Diagnostics & Clinic Grading
  Private Universities and Educational Institutions Grading
  Private Security Firms Grading
  Other Grading Services
Advisory Services:
  Strategy Formulation
  Risk Management
  Regulatory Compliance
  Customized Research
Information Services:
  Industry and Sector Research
  Rating Profile
  Customized Research
Training Services:
  Corporate Governance
  Regulatory Compliance
  Customized Training
Date of Start of Operation: March 2004
Technical Assistance Collaboration: ICRA Ltd. Of India
Rating Assignments: Furnished below:
Financial Institution:
  First Security Bank Limited: IPO of Equity Shares
  Fareast Finance & Investment Ltd: IPO of Equity Shares
  Union Capital Ltd: IPO of Equity Shares
  Vanik Bangladesh Ltd: IPO of Equity Shares
  First Lease International Ltd: Rights Issue of Equity Shares
Manufacturing Organization:
  Akota Composite Mills Ltd: Privately Placed Debentures
  Aegis Composite Textile Mills Ltd: Privately Placed Preferred Shares
  JK Yarns Ltd: Privately Placed Preferred Shares
  North Bengal Cycle Industries Ltd: Privately Placed Debentures
  ACI Ltd: Corporate Governance Rating
Real Estate Developing Company:
  Everest Soidiscant Project: Privately Placed Debentures
Service Sector:
  Navana CNG Limited: Privately Placed Debentures
Hotel & Hospitality Services:
  Cox’s Bazar Beach Hotel Limited: Privately Placed Debentures
  IBIS Hotels Ltd: Privately Placed Debentures
Rating of Equity Shares and Rights Offers of
  Commercial Banks
  Non-banking Financial Institutions
  Insurance Companies
  Manufacturing Companies
  Service Companies
Clientele Grading Services
  Commercial Banks
  Multinational Company in Manufacturing Business
Claims Paying Ability Rating
  Insurance Companies
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